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GAB is dedicated to create an inspiring workplace that attracts and retains highly skilled people. We place much emphasis on continuous learning and growth for our employees to make the most of their careers.

Here in GAB, we believe a balanced work culture is vital in achieving our aspirations. To meet both the career aspirations of our people and the future business needs of GAB, we have in place a long-standing succession and development planning process to ensure a steady flow of leaders across the organization.

Office environment
We have a very condusive working environment with cosy café areas, open working spaces and beautiful glass meeting rooms! The open plan offices help promote better communication among colleagues.

Working days & hours
The company practices a five-day working culture. Working hours are from 8am – 5pm, except for Thursdays and Fridays whereby the hours are from 8am – 4.30pm
Staff can dress down on Fridays to a casual style of their own!

Annual Dinner & Dance
A much anticipated annual event, all staff and their spouses are treated to a night of fun, good food, great beer and fantastic prizes! Staff and their spouses from our regional offices are flown in and put up in a hotel for this event.

Our own in-house pub - The Tavern

We have our own beautiful pub called The Tavern. On alternate Fridays, staff can unwind at the pub after office hours and enjoy a game of pool with colleagues over drinks.......all for free!

Staff are also allowed to bring 2 guests twice a month to enjoy the facilities of the pub as well.

If you are tired of walking down the road or driving out for lunch, a quick stop at our cafeteria will satisfy your hunger pangs with the variety of halal food served.

Car park
We have ample outdoor parking within the company grounds, which is not only safe and guarded, but is also free!

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